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The mining method for the Kakula deposit is primarily drift-and-fill using paste backfill (around 99%); with the exception of a room-and-pillar area close to the north declines, which will be mined in the early years of production.

Backfilling in the underground mining industry

 · BACKFILLING IN THE UNDERGROUND MINING INDUSTRY. By Ray Brown. I have often been asked by people outside the mining industry what backfilling is and why it is n… You also get free access to Scribd! Instant access to millions of ebooks, audiobooks

Paste Backfill

Increasingly, backfill is being used to achieve high ore extraction ratios in mining operations. For such operations, a structural fill having predictable strength properties is required. The strength of the final backfill product is a complex characteristic which is influenced by many parameters including pulp density, binder content, grain size distribution, specific gravity, curing time ...

Environmental Impacts of Cemented Mine Waste Backfill

use backfill materials ranging from quarried rock to cemented to estimate the impacts of placed mine waste backfill on ground mill tailings. The major purpose of the backfill is to support the water. ground during mining; however, backfill is increasingly waste.

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Lafarge''s extensive mining expertise can be leveraged to provide customized, safe and economical solutions for any stage of the mine life cycle. Collaborate with Lafarge at the design phase to optimize your mine plans, reduce cost and save construction time. From wet shotcrete to paste, hydraulic, cemented or rock backfills, we have the ...

Backfill – Key Properties

 · When designing an underground mine, one of the key decisions is whether to backfill the voids left by mining. The backfilling decision is generally influenced by a range of factors which commonly include: Environmental constraints Surface disposal limitations Management of surface subsidence Promotion of mine stability Reducing the volume of waste hauled to surface Enabling […]

Backfill technologies

Backfill Technologies Backfilling in underground construction Backfill (the process of back filling material into underground voids created by mining) is essential in many underground operations. Due to the demands caused by deeper mining operations, mine backfill is becoming an integral part of an efficient mining operation. ...

Backfilling and Pillar Re-Mining in Potash Industry

K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies Sondershausen Backfilling and Pillar Re-Mining in Potash Industry C:UsersFlissDaten-Fl40 Präsentationen400 K-UTEC Präsentationen440 Minefill 2010paper_kutec_minefill en.doc /11.06.13 Page 2 of 14 The first backfilling

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Mine backfilling is the process of filling large underground mining voids ("stopes") with a combination of tailings, water and small amounts of cement, to promote regional stability. Stopes are often in excess of 20 m x 20 m in plan dimensions and 40-50 m tall, and can be filled within a week.

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 · Job Description: The following opportunity exists for a dedicated, hardworking, and enthusiastic and results-driven individual as a Backfill Engineer on a permanent basis Responsibilities: Coordinate between backfill plant and mining operations to meet a backfill schedule that satisfies the mine''s production requirements Optimise availability and utilisation of the backfilling system Manage ...

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 · - 5183 - A Review of Underground Mine Backfilling Methods with Emphasis On Cemented Paste Backfill Morteza Sheshpari Department of Civil Engineering, University of Ottawa,… Home Documents backfill method Ppr2015.0455ma.pdf

Mine Backfill

Mine backfill is defined as the material used to fill the cavities (i.e., stopes) created by underground mining. Backfilling can be a means to dispose of sludge and/ or tailings which may contain hazardous materials and to reduce surface environmental impacts by

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Backfill bags are manufactured from various materials and in different sizes as required by our clients for their individual needs.

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Implementation of clean mining technology at coal mines is crucial to protect the environment and maintain balance among energy resources, consumption, and ecology. After reviewing present coal clean mining technology, we introduce the technology principles

An operational perspective of mine backfill

An operational perspective of mine backfill ML Bloss 16 Mine Fill 2014, Perth, Australia based on the personal experience of the decision makers. Choosing the wrong backfilling method can materially affect the economics of a mining operation. ...

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Mineral & Mine Backfill. MMBT is a brand new modern laboratory for the investigations in the field of backfill and mineral processing. Our team has a vast experience, of more than 20 years, in mineral processing, delivering laboratory, semi-industrial and industrial investigations, industrial studies, and engineering designs and projects.


Main Pit Backfilling Concept Approaches, Rum Jungle E-i Robertson GeoConsultants Inc. RGC Report 183006/3 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report describes conceptual backfilling approaches for the Main Pit at the former Rum Jungle Mine Site (Rum Jungle).

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Backfilling is required for the continuance and efficiency of mining operations. Additional benefits include: improved regional and local roek stability through the support provided by the backfill, reduced costs of building significant tailings disposal structures on the surface, and the reduced environmental impacts by the underground containment of waste material.

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Principal Mining Engineer, AMC Consultants Pty Ltd, 19/114 William Street, Melbourne Vic 3000 E-mail: [email protected] fUnderground Mining with Backfill The placement of backfill underground directly reduces the showed that exposures 40 metres wide and virtually unlimited quantity to be disposed on surface.

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Abstract: Taking 24 mining area of Zhouyuanshan mine as the research object, analysis on law of ground subsidence and strata movement caused by backfill mining of "under three" coal is carried on by using numerical simulation method. A three-dimensional ...


ekolive is the first and leading provider of a new ecological bioleaching method (InnoBioTech ) for the ecological release of elements and the degradation of organic contaminants. With this innovative biological technology, ekolive solves environmental hazards and cleans contaminated sites that are polluted with heavy metals and / or organic substances, giving various industrial waste a second ...

On the stability of exposed backfill in mine stopes

On the stability of exposed backfill in mine stopes Falaknaz, N. 1, Aubertin, M.2, Li, L. 2 1BGC Engineering Inc, Vancouver, BC, Canada 2Research Institute on Mines and the Environment, RIME UQAT-Polytechnique, École Polytechnique de Montréal, QC

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Download Mining With Backfill Book PDF EPUB Tuebl Textbook Mobi. Get free access to read online Mining With Backfill in our library by create an account, fast d Summary : The Minefill series of symposia offers an international forum for exchanging ideas; presenting new technologies; and reviewing advancements in preparing, placing, and using mine backfills.

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When the adjacent stope ore is mined, the backfill with cement content of 11.1%, 14.3%, 20%, and 25% is exposed. In the process of mining, no collapse or delamination occurs. Therefore, the ...

Mining with Backfill

Backfilling Backfilling in underground construction Backfill (the process of back filling material into underground voids created by mining) is essential in many underground operations. Due to the demands caused by deeper mining operations, mine backfill is becoming an integral part of an efficient mining …

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Mining With Backfill Download and Read online Mining With Backfill ebooks in PDF, epub, Tuebl Mobi, Kindle Book. Get Free Mining With Backfill Textbook and unlimited access to our library by created an account. Fast Download speed and ads Free!

Types of Mine Backfill

Mining and mineral expliration information. Mining news and job postings, mining and mineral processing technology including drilling, blasting, mining methods, equipment, backfill Dry Fills Cemented Rockfill Hydraulic Sandfill Paste Backfill Dry Fills generally ...

Soil reinforcing technique in mine backfilling | SpringerLink

Current methods of stabilizing mine backfill involve the introduction of cementing agents, rock fragments or timber into the fill mass. The aim of this study is to examine the applicability of reinforced earth principles in mine backfilling. Consideration is given to the identification of the functions and requirements of backfill. Various factors affecting the fill strength behaviour are ...

Mine Fill 2014: Eleventh International Symposium on Mining with Backfill …

A numerical analysis of how permeability affects the development of pore water pressure in early age cemented paste backfill in a backfilled stope. Mine Fill 2014: Proceedings of the Eleventh International Symposium on Mining with Backfill, Mine Fill 2014. 2014. Veenstra, RL; Grabinsky, MW; Bawden, WF; Thompson, BD.

Minerals | Special Issue : Backfilling Materials for Underground Mining

Special Issue Information. Backfilling of mined-out areas is a fundamental component of many underground mining operations. The backfill material provides support to the surrounding rock mass, reduces wasteful dilution, enables a safe working area for production activities and mitigates the risk of surface subsidence.